AutoZoom is a small open source application. It was not written by programmers, so it may contain bugs or some functionality issues. That’s why source code is always available to you, so it’s possible to add something important for you but missing in public release.

On this page you can download the current latest build of the application. It will most likely be stable, however we don’t have enough users to test everything, and sometimes there may be bugs.

If a buggy/broken update has been published – just wait a bit for the fix to be released. An exclamation mark will appear next to the menu item about updates. Usually, fixes are released on the same day as the updates themselves.

If everything is broken so much that you can’t even update or open the menu – let us know as soon as possible using online chat on this page or in Telegram’s private messages. Fix will be released soon.

Also, everyone can help with fixing bugs by adding the issue to the list on our git repo. Everything there gets fixed very quickly. If you have a desire to help with optimization for different operating systems, here is the contact Telegram.


  • Python version 3.6+ (preferably 3.9)
  • Compatible operating system



  • Windows: Full
  • Linux: Partial
  • Android: Partial
  • MacOS: No data
  • iOS: None