New studio policy

Feb 24, 2022

What’s going to be changed

Most of our projects were developed as multilingual or using russian language only, however now, due to new stages in war with Russia, all projects (except for a few we’ll mention later) as well as all new projects, and the ones currently in development, will only be available in English or translated to other languages excluding the language of the aggressor.

These changes have already been made to those projects: YusarinBot, Support Center, AutoZoom (website), our internal documentation and studio website itself. Translation might take a while because of quite large amount of work, however most of our projects will definitely be fully translated to English.


Some our projects will not be translated at all due to enormous amount of work to be done. For example END PLAY Network contains a few hundred megabytes of text that can’t even be automatically translated, needless to say that our small team won’t be able to do that word by word themselves. That’s why Network (and all it’s affiliated social networks, sites, etc) won’t be translated.

Alongside Network we have AutoZoom, which will be translated soon, however might take a lot of time to be finished. Default language will be set as English, however Ukrainian and partially German will also be available on release of AutoZoom version 2.7.

What about support?

Support center will prioritize replies to the tickets and messages sent with languages mentioned above. Tickets sent with other languages will receive a little lower priority, however will also be answered as soon as possible. Tickets and messages sent with russian text in it won’t be answered at all.

New partnership policy

Starting from now we will not accept any invitations/suggestions/requests somehow affiliated with partnership with russian people/studios. No orders from those people will be considered.

Work during the war

If electricity and internet connection works fine in Kyiv – nothing will prevent our services to continue working as usual. We had some small connection issues due to cyber attacks during the evening 23th February, however now everything is up and running.

As for the early morning of 24th February, Kyiv is under rocket attack. Our host is fine yet, however situation is quite hot.

Stay tuned.
🇺🇦 Слава Україні!