Game servers and IT projects development

So what’s our job?

Our team works on really different projects.
Helpful Discord bots like Yusarin, time-saving daemons like AutoZoom, amusing servers like END PLAY Network and beautiful websites like SmartLovers.

Since 2016 our team actively works in different parts of IT sphere. Hosting, programming, digital design, web development, game design, Telegram and Discord bots development, etc. We can also provide almost any services connected with WindowsServer/Linux administration.

Latest news

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We publish latest news about our project updates, new releases and bunch of other important things.

Most of the post will only be available in English, however some of them may also be translated to other languages.

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Blocked in list of countries

What's going on? Due to continuation of the war in Ukraine, our websites and projects will no longer work in the list of countries, that directly supported murder of the civil people on Ukraine's territory. We do not...

New studio policy

What's going to be changed Most of our projects were developed as multilingual or using russian language only, however now, due to new stages in war with Russia, all projects (except for a few we'll mention later) as...

С новым 2022 от END PLAY Studio

Настало время подвести итоги уходящего 2021 года. Он оказался намного труднее, чем этого хотелось, однако это не повод расстраиваться. Впереди море всего интересного. В этом же году наша студия закрыла несколько старых...