Simple, easy to set up, yet reliable.
A specially designed bot for creating private voice channels on your Discord servers.

There is a public version (our hosting), as well as a self-hosted version.

Select the version of our bot you are interested in below:

Public version

The project has a shared (public) bot in case it is not possible to run it on your hosting.

To use it, you just need to add it to your Discord server, set up a channel and category, after that bot will perform its direct duties – create private channels for you server’s users.

It should be noted that this option has a drawback – custom translations of messages as well as customizing the appearance of the bot will not be available. For small communities, this limitation should not be critical in the vast majority of cases.

Self-hosted bot

To use bot on the large servers or in case of a desire to modify the bot, there is a version for self-hosting.

Git repo page has installation instructions, source code, documentation, and other goodies you need to work with the bot on your own.

In case of finding errors, malfunctions or other flaws, you should contact the Issues section of the repository, or you can write to our support center.

Bot may contain some minor bugs due to current early debelopment stages.